4 design systems, ∞ leg models

4 unique systems of furniture legs and unlimited leg models for OFFICE, DINING, CONFERENCE and all other tables. VOGA has its own design and development department, making individual and proven solutions possible.

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VOGA Design AIR system

Why AIR?

The AIR system offers a minimalist look and is designed for thin and light table tops. The legs are aligned with the width of the table top, creating the feeling of floating.

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Why BIG?

The BIG system is designed for non-standard panel dimensions and weight. It is designed for extreme length and width and above-average weight of table tops.

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VOGA Design BIG system
VOGA Design HIDE system


The HIDE system features a concealed attaching system where no screws are visible from the outside. For a better optical effect, the design is suitable for thinner and lighter table tops.

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Independent table bases

The MIX system represents different independent table bases, the common feature of which is that they independently carry an individual table top, in certain cases they can be upgraded into combined table bases.

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VOGA Design MIX system


A unique spatial construction system with a patented method of assembly without screws, fasteners or welding. Perfect for elegant and eye-catching furniture pieces with limitless possibilities.

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