BIG system

The BIG system is designed for non-standard panel dimensions and weight. It is designed for extreme length and width and above-average weight of table tops. It is characterized by extreme stability.

Model Overview


The BIG B-A model has only the upper cross-section and indicates the shape of the letter A with the side upright profiles. The side upright profiles are clamped at an angle.


The BIG B-P model is characterized by square vertical profiles and a square horizontal profile. The vertical profiles are placed at 90° angles.


The U model is connected with the profiles in a closed circle and indicates the shape of the letter U. All profiles are the same dimensions. The side upright profiles are clamped at an angle.


Model X is characterized by a very recognizable shape in the shape of the letter X, where all the profiles used are square and have the same dimensions. Due to its specific shape, it has a limited possibility of different widths.


The B-TRA model suggests a trapezoidal shape of the leg. The profiles are of the same dimensions and are placed in three-dimensional shape under a certain angle.

BIG features

The most obvious feature are the profiles of larger dimensions, with an emphasis on the extreme dimensions of table tops. The system is suitable for table surfaces of larger dimensions and placements (conference design tables, dining room tables, benches, executive tables).