GRIDO system

As an extension of our range of table bases, a unique spatial construction system has been developed for racks, shelves, partitions and side tables. With a patented method of assembly without screws, fasteners or welding, we can achieve an extremely strong and rigid, yet light and elegant furniture pieces.

System Overview

Limitless possibilities

The GRIDO shelving system is a master of diversity. Custom-made frames and crossbars along with shelves, doors and fillers allow for endless combinations of looks and uses.


GRIDO features

The GRIDO system consists of thin, powder-coated metal profiles that are assembled without screws or fittings. Special connectors on the horizontal profiles enable a rigid connection with the vertical frames.

Elegant cabinets, bookcases, hanging shelves and tables can be assembled from basic elements and various fillers.

The GRIDO system can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, hallway or as a room divider. In any case, it will be an eye-catching piece of furniture giving your space elegance, lightness, modernity and practicality.

Basic structural elements can be painted in different colors and combined with shelves, fillers and doors. They can be optionally supplemented with baskets, hangers or drawers. The combinations are really endless.

AIR system

The AIR system offers a minimalist look and is designed for thin and light table tops. The legs are aligned with the width of the table top, creating the feeling of floating.

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MIX system

The MIX system represents different independent table bases, the common feature of which is that they independently carry an individual table top.

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